Palmer College Davenport student, Andrew Johnson, presented research on the 1910 Palmer College student/faculty walkout.
Dr. Brent McNabb sharing unfolding history in South America.
Drs Troyanovich, Calendar, Russell and Wolfe
Monica Howell, librarian from Northwestern Chiropractic College revealing the women of chiropractic in Minnesota.
Dr. Rachelle Hynes enjoying a tour of the Parker campus


Dr. Mongomery presenting


AHC president Dr. Hynes Presenting
2016 AHC Board
Dr. Breanne Wells


Dr. Alana Callender Presenting




Glenda Wiese, Ph.D., Judy Bhatti, D.C., Jennifer Troyanovich, B.A., and Rachelle Herrity, D.C., add some glamour to the proceedings at Life University.
A photogenic pair!
Dr. Bhatti presenting
Board members enjoying dinner hosted by Life University
Dr. Coleman presenting
Smiling board members
Dr Simon Senzon lecturing on the history of chiropractic instrumentation


Horace Elliott, executive director of the NBCE and host for our 2013 conference, enjoys a moment with Donna Lieuw of FCLB.
Mr. Willem Van Gent received the 2013 Gibbons-Wardwell Medal from President Padgett.
Dr. John Wolfe's presentation on Shegetaro Morikubo wallked away with the Best Presentation honors.
2013-2014 Board: F-B, L-R, Drs. Troyanovich, Bemis, Hynes, Coleman, Phillips, Hynes, Montgomery, Callender, and Padgett
Dr. Ken Padgett presented Dr. Reed Phillips with the prestigious 2013 Lee-Homewood Pioneer Award
1st Vice-President William Holmberg (left) presents the 2011 Lee-Homewood Award to Rolf Peters while Director Frank Bemis (right) assists.
Best paper winners 2010, Stephane Provencher, seen here presenting, and Joseph Unger (not pictured)
William Holmberg, D.C., with 2010 Lee-Homewood Award winner Kerwin Winkler, D.C. and family

Banner for the 2007 Annual Conference, held in conjunction with the World Federation of Chiropractic and European Chiropractors Union meetings, Vilamoura, Portugal.



Board members around the 2000 Lee-Homewood Award winner, George McAndrews. (L to R): Kenneth Young, Carl Cleveland III, Mildred Kimbrough, Jerry Ray Willis, George McAndrews, Reginald Hug, Kerwin Winkler, Alana Callender, William Holmberg, Jetta Nash, Jo
Founding members of the Association for the History of Chiropractic, 1980

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