Beth Zogg, D.C.

Topics include:

  • Thompson Technique. Includes history of the technique  (3, 6, or 12-hour presentations)
  • Neuropathophysiology of VSC/ Chiropractic Thermography (3 or 6-hour presentation)

Located: Muscatine, IA

Expenses: Airfare/Milage, meals & lodging, honorarium (contact for details)

AV Requirements: screen, digital projector, microphone

Equipment Requirements: Drop Table (preferably Zenith 440 Thompson Table with air compressor) for technique classes

Contact: zoggchiropractic@protonmail.com, (563) 299-4334




Steve Troyanovich, D.C.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Wisconsin vs Chiropractic:  The Trials at LaCrosse and the Birth of a Chiropractic Champion (1 hour)
  • Finding Langworthy:  The Last Years of a Chiropractic Pioneer (1 hour)
  • Chiropractic and Type O (organic) Disorders:  Historical Development and Current Thought (2 hours)
  • Do the Clothes Make the Healer?  A History of Physician Attire From Prehistoric Times to the Present With Implications For Current Practice (1 hour)


Located:  Normal, IL

Expenses:  Airfare/Mileage, meals & lodging

$150/hour honorarium  (Contact Dr. Troyanovich @ 309-454-5556 or drstevetroyanovich@hotmail.com--corporate sponsorship is possible for expenses/honorarium)

A-V requirements:  lectern, microphone, screen

How far in advance:  2 months




Alana Callender, Ed.D.

Topics include but are not limited to:  

  • Major events in chiropractic history (1 - 8 hours)
  • Chiropractic trivia tailored to local audience (after lunch/dinner entertainment - advanced notice required) 
  • The experiences of women in the chiropractic profession (1 hour)
  • Grammar and spelling in the chiropractic office (1-4 hours)

Located: Davenport, IA

Expenses: mileage, meals & lodging, $100/hour honorarium

A-V requirements: lectern, microphone, projector for PowerPoint, screen



Glenda Wiese, Ph.D.


  •  A brief history of chiropractic (80 min)
  •  History of Palmer College (50 min)
  •  History of Chiropractic in the Quad-Cities (50 min)
  •  History of Chiropractic Education (50 min)
  •  History of African-Americans in Chiropractic (30 min)

Located: What Cheer, IA 

How far willing to travel: No limitations

Expenses:  Airfare or mileage, hotel, food

How far in advance:  Two months

A-V requirements: Lighted lectern, microphone, projector with remote control, screen.

Contact: glen112233@yahoo.com



Steve Agocs, D.C. 


  •  Early Development and Refinement of Chiropractic Technique (2 hours)
  •  Overview of Chiropractic History (1-4 hours)
  •  History of Cleveland Chiropractic College (50 minutes)
  •  Trials and Tribulations of the American Medical Association and Chiropractic (1-2 hours)
  •  History of the Thompson Technique (1-2 hours)
  •  History of Gonstead Technique (1-2 hours)
  •  History of Sacro Occipital Technic (1 hour)


Located: Overland Park, KS

How far willing to travel: No limitations

Expenses:  Airfare or mileage, hotel, food, honorarium (please contact for details - corporate sponsorship of all expenses is possible)

How far in advance:  Four months

A-V requirements: Screen, digital projector

Contact: steve.agocs@gmail.com

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